URLs and IP addresses of our servers around the world

Block Engine

Note: There is currently no use case for non-voting validators to connect to the block engine. If your validator is not on the leader schedule, it will fail authentication with the block engine.

Validator Location

Geographic proximity to one of the Jito Block Engines is important. Latency between the block engine and a validator is ideally <25ms. We are rapidly expanding our geographic footprint to ensure convenient access for the vast majority of validators.
If you are interested in switching your validator but do not have a nearby location, please message Brian in Jito's discord. This allows us to gauge unmet demand and communicate the schedule of applicable venues in the pipeline.


Block Engine
Anything -> Block Engine Authentication: 1005
Validator -> Block Engine: 1003
Relayer -> Block Engine: 1000
Searcher -> Block Engine: 1004
Validator -> Relayer: 8100

Connection Details