Block Engine

URLs and IP addresses of our servers around the world
High-level diagram of block engine


The Jito Block Engine is responsible for:
  • Ingesting transactions from a relayer
  • Forwarding those transactions with searchers
  • Ingesting bundles and transactions from searchers
  • performing bundle simulation
  • selecting the best and most profitable transactions for the network
  • forwarding the best transactions and bundles to the validator for processing.

Validator Location

Since the Jito pipeline is very latency sensitive, it is important to choose a block engine that is located close to you. For Jito bundles to be added to blocks during leader slots, the Block Engine must be able to forward them within the appropriate slot. Optimal round-trip latency between the Block Engine and a validator is <50ms.
If you aren't in a location with low latency access, you can still run Jito-Solana. We are seeing validators with <100ms latency (round trip) operate well given current network and bundle throughput. Note, this latency only impacts Jito bundle inclusion. Votes and non-leader slots are unaffected. Even during leader slots, blocks will still be produced as normal given the relayer's architecture.
We are rapidly expanding our geographic footprint to ensure convenient access for the vast majority of validators. If you don't have a good access point, please communicate your preferences to Brian in Jito's Discord. This enables the team to prioritize new location additions.

Connection Details

Please choose a block engine location nearest to you.