Here's a list of recommendations to ensure the best experience for searchers and validators.


Time Synchronization

  • If you are subscribing to pending transactions, we strongly recommend running a Chrony client. Jito Labs provides access to chrony servers as NTP servers here.

    • This ensures you have good understanding on any head-of-line blocking and packet expiration times for your algorithms.


  • For low-latency access, we strongly recommend provisioning your servers as close as possible to ours. See Block Engine for address to check latency.

Bundle Assembly

  • Ensure that your tip is an instruction in the last transaction.

  • Run a balance assertion after tipping to ensure the transaction doesn't result in losing money.

  • Provide slot range checks to assert bundles are landing within the range you expect them to land in.

  • To help increase the performance of Solana, randomly choose one of eight tip accounts to transfer SOL to in order to maximize chance of parallelism.

Cross Region

Cross region functionality is provided for searcher convenience. Ideally, searchers run one instance per region to minimize latency. However if latency is not a primary concern, then cross-region requests simplify management.

The current cross-region features are available:

  • SendBundle

    • Bundles are automatically sent cross region to upcoming leaders running Jito Solana

  • GetUpcomingLeaders

    • Searchers can request the leader slots that are coming up for validators running Jito Solana

  • SubscribeMempool

    • Searchers can request mempool transactions from multiple regions at once

  • GetRegions

    • Returns the regions where block engine is available

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