Here's a list of recommendations to ensure the best experience for searchers and validators.


Time Synchronization

  • If you are subscribing to pending transactions, we strongly recommend running a Chrony client. Please provide the URL of the closest Chrony server run by Jito Labs.
    • This ensures you have good understanding on any head-of-line blocking and packet expiration times for your algorithms.


  • For low-latency access, we strongly recommend provisioning your servers as close as possible to ours

Bundle Assembly

  • Ensure that your tip is an instruction in the last transaction.
  • Run a balance assertion after tipping to ensure the transaction doesn't result in losing money.
  • Provide slot range checks to assert bundles are landing within the range you expect them to land in.
  • To help increase the performance of Solana, randomly choose one of eight tip accounts to transfer SOL to in order to maximize chance of parallelism.

Relayers & Validators

  • Connect to the relayer and block engine closest to your validator. You can always ping the URLs provided on the Connecting page to find your closest one.
  • For best results, we strongly encourage you to send shreds to the ShredStream receiver address of the cluster you're connected to.